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2m Alto Universal Stair Unit

2m Alto Universal Stair Unit

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The Alto Universal Stair is a versatile all-aluminium access solution for the tube and fitting scaffolder, allowing a totally compliant staircase to be installed across a range of lift heights to suit any situation.

The 2.0m ALTO Universal Stair Unit - alto known as a 9 Tread Universal Stair - has a lift height range of between 1480mm and 2100mm approx.

Supplied pre-assembled, the Alto Universal Stair requires only to be unfolded, attached to the desired scaffold tube and locked with a scaffolders spanner.

Part No.

Scaffold Tube Fixing: US-013-A
Flat Slab Fixing: US-013-C


Stair in closed position:
L - 2850mm
W - 860mm
D - 210mm (hook) 100mm (tube)


38 kg


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ALTO Universal Stair Installation

ALTO Universal Stair Height Adjustment