BS 1139-6 Tower Configurations

Built to work

Built for everyone......and everything!

Alto HD towers are the ultimate industrial aluminium mobile access tower on the market today. The most robust form of non-powered mobile access equipment available –only Alto HD has the inherent strength to properly deliver BS 1139-6 solutions without compromise.

Linked towers, cantilevers, façade runs – whatever your needs Alto HD has the solution without resorting to non-standard strengthening components or exceeding Safe Working Load limits. The only tower on the UK market offering full compatibility with scaffolding - Alto HD is the versatile choice. The Alto HD Tower range is the pinnacle of safe, strong, sturdy working-at-height access.

Strength In Design

At the extremes of performance, Alto HD comes into its own. With loading capacities measured in multiples of those of any competitor – Alto HD is the only choice for advanced tower applications.

The only genuinely fully class 3 tower system on the market and capable of class 4 loadings in many applications, Alto HD is the height of safety.

- Features -

  • Image comparing Alto HD tube with Generic tower tube

    3mm thick tube

    The use of durable 3mm thick aluminium tube means wear & tear damage is dramatically reduced. It is 4 times more resistant to denting and crushing than the lightweight tower alternatives.

  • Alto HD tower connected to scaffold tube with a scaffold coupler

    Scaffold Compatible

    The ALTO Heavy Duty Tower - like the rest of the ALTO Access range - is manufactured using 48mm diameter tube, the same diameter as traditional steel scaffolding. This means adaptations and tying in is very easy because you can use standard tube & fittings which you cannot with a lightweight system.

  • A close up image of the Alto HD tower frame welding

    Fully welded joints

    Every welded joint on the ALTO Heavy Duty Tower is fully welded around the tube. This means fractured welds are a thing of the past and make the tower a much more rigid structure with joints 5 times stronger in tension & 13 times stronger in bending.

  • A close up image of the Alto HD tower frame head fitting

    Non-jamming head fittings

    The ALTO conical head fittings prevent frames from jamming when dismantling towers so hammer damage is totally eliminated. An additional benefit of the head fittings is the frames automatically lock together during assembly, eliminating the requirement for flimsy, awkward spring clips that can be lost or damaged and render the tower unusable.

  • Blue weight logo

    2500 kg load capacity

    The ALTO Heavy Duty Tower has a load capacity of 2,500 kg (2.5t) per mobile tower (3,000 kg if using base jacks) compared to between 650 - 950 Kg maximum for lightweight competitor products - reducing health & safety risks whilst increasing the range of applications available.

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- Gallery -

A BS 1139 large deck tower incorporating cantilever platforms using Alto towers
An Alto Stair tower incorporated into a linked tower
A photo showing the Alto HD tower system used in a multi-level linked run

A 20m bridge tower tower using Alto HD equipment
A BS 1139-6 tall tower with a multi-stepped buttress using Alto HD towers
An Alto HD linked tower surrounding a chimney stack

- Downloads -

  • Double Width Linked Tower with Stabs

    using 5 rung starter frames

    Download (PDF) 
  • Double Width Linked Tower with Stabs

    using 4 rung starter frames

    Download (PDF) 
  • Double Width Linked Tower - Tied In

    using 5 rung starter frames

    Download (PDF) 
  • ALTO HD SW Linked Tower Tied In

    using 5 rung starter frames

  • ALTO HD Large Deck Tower

    using 5 rung starter frames

  • ALTO HD Large Deck Tower

    using 4 rung starter frames